Friday, February 4, 2005

Fashionable Anti-Americanism

It seems there is finally a bit of sense coming from OpenDemocracy, an organization that seems, to me, to espouse many marxist and socialist views of the world.

The industry of anti-American sentiment is just that – an industry. It should not be mistaken for legitimate and considered concern. “I hate America” is the world’s default position. Knocking America is a form of displacement. It helps non-Americans avoid focusing on their own big problems. In fact, strip it of its lacy hosiery and the world’s relationship with America is disgustingly Freudian.

What is most suprising is the recognition of the problem! Far be it from America to suggest that maybe it is Muslims that are the ones with the problem, wanting to kill infidels and subject women to extreme control by the men.

He goes on:

They are all morons, but the difference is that America can and should ignore the dinner guests. They pose no threat. Especially not an intellectual one. The philosophy of “damn you if you do, damn you if you don’t” is not worthy of serious contemplation. Insularly isolationist or intensely imperial, America is castigated for both, often by the same people.

And this gem!

To some, democratic movements are only legitimate if also anti-American. Ukrainians in Independence Square were pro-American, not pro-Castro. Must’ve been a CIA plot.

I am quite suprised to see this coming from an organization that seems to be devoted to a debate between the center-left and far-left. Though I don't recommend believing everything you read there, this article has a surprising amount of common sense in it.

One more, then read the whole thing.

20th-century Communism only served to augment belief in the American Dream. “The success of America was thus a devastating blow to the Left,” writes Michael Ledeen. “It wasn’t supposed to happen. And American success was particularly galling because it came at the expense of Europe itself, and of the embodiment of the Left’s most utopian dream: the Soviet Union.

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