Monday, January 31, 2005

Back to the Cold War?

Mark Steyn over at the Chicago Sun-Times writes about the elections in Iraq:
"The 'realpolitik' types spent so long worshipping at the altar of stability they were unable to see it was a cult for psychos. The geopolitical scene is never stable, it's always dynamic. If the Western world decides in 2005 that it can 'contain' President Sy Kottik of Wackistan indefinitely, that doesn't mean the relationship between the two parties is set in aspic. Wackistan has a higher birth rate than the West, so after 40 years of 'stability' there are a lot more Wackistanis and a lot fewer Frenchmen. And Wackistan has immense oil reserves, and President Kottik has used the wealth of those oil reserves to fund radical schools and mosques in hitherto moderate parts of the Muslim world."
He'e got a good point here. The problem is that many of the politicans we have in office today are stuck in the cold war mentality. I believe that Tom Friedman of the NYT discussed this in he book, The Lexus and the Olive Tree. While I hardly ever agree with him on policy, he is right that a new system of globalization is now in place. Bill Clinton was a new Democrat who understood that realpolitik wouldn't work anymore, but it seems the democrats have gone back to their 1930's mentality (with 1960's/70's foreign policy of "containment").

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